Settling In

As you may imagine we’re still unpacking the odd box and finding a need for some more furniture here and there. The local flea markets are good for this and we’re slowly turning the house into our home. In a more political light, I can’t wait to see Michael Moore’s new film “Fahrenheit 9/11.” I was very proud of “Bowling for Columbine” and I hope this film gets even more people to ask the important questions. I know it will be a great film and I am very optimistic that it could even be a rallying cry for the kind of bipartisan union that we Bush squandered after the events of 9/11. Seeing how similar we all are and how we were all similarly taken advantage of… this can only be good for the political involvement and forward growth of the country. To put the egregious choices of this administration behind us.My final note will be a link to a Fox News review of the film. I know you’re expecting a pan, and a petty dismissal of the film as “radical leftist” or “communist.” In fact you will be suprised to find a very positive review, one that goes so far as to call the film and Moore patriotic. I whole-heartedly agree with these statements. This may be the only time that applies to a Fox News article, but the fact remains that this film will not just be seen by radical leftists, it will be seen by America, and will awaken us all.



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