Dawes Brewery

Ok, so I got my first lesson in web-site authority. Apparently people will believe anything written on the web, including things that are preceded by a disclaimer clarifying that most of the following statements are not true. I have had a little trivia page with two true bits of information about my surname, and four false claims about who I am related to and/or what I’ve done (such as being in a movie listed on IMDB, or being related to the owners of the Dawes Ale brewery). Apparently there is a film crew in Vermont filming a movie and they want to use Dawes Ale as a prop since it’s a Canadian beer that doesn’t exist any more. Clearly they read my page (but not the disclaimer) because this morning I got a phone call asking about my uncle and the Dawes brewery. It took me quite a while to figure out why someone would assume I’d know what that meant. I realized they were going from the webpage but not before being thoroughly confused as to why I’d get such a phone call.Before this looks too bitter, thanks to the people calling for at least trying to get permission to use Dawes Ale, and also thanks for reading… (so you’re the one)!


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