RollingStone: Deadly Immunity

Although a few points of this article are clearly written for effect, the signs of a massive coverup are too obvious to ignore. Big tobacco bought scientists for years this is nothing new… but then we stopped falling for their flawed studies; haven’t we learned anything from that?Using the Amish as a control group may introduce all sorts of other compounding variables but the point about international rates of autism increasing is a profound indicator that someone needs to go down for leaving thimerosal in vaccines for so long. This cannot get left under the rug any longer.Their major concern was that announcing a problem with thimerisol would cause people to lose faith in vaccines?! What about exposing a massive coverup that runs deep throughout the entire pharmaceutical industry… that shakes my faith in a lot more than just Deadly Immunity : Politics: “Even more alarming, the government continues to ship vaccines preserved with thimerosal to developing countries — some of which are now experiencing a sudden explosion in autism rates. In China, where the disease was virtually unknown prior to the introduction of thimerosal by U.S. drug manufacturers in 1999, news reports indicate that there are now more than 1.8 million autistics. “


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