Towelie Strikes Again

In learning TextMate I found it helpful to flip through a few “Tip of the day” hints and try to practice one or two on a suitable piece of text just to show myself how cool this editor is. I thoroughly embarrassed myself by laughing out loud in the car shop lobby when the following message appeared:


Cartman: You’re the worst character ever towelie
Towelie: I know

Now I know that this is originally a Hitchhikers reference which in all likelihood is how it made it into TextMate… in any case I laughed out loud which was certainly the intended effect.

There has been a lot of talk about text editors so I won’t disillusion myself by thinking that this drop in the bucket in favor of textmate can somehow have an effect. Instead I’ll just count myself as another happy customer. I am a devout fan of open source software and if an editor like TextMate were available open source then I would probably use it. In the meantime I don’t have the patience or sanity to implement all of the amazing textmate features through VIM macros even though I know it can be done. It really is the osx text editor in every sense of the word and I use it for the same reason. I *could* spend all my free time getting a unix system to do exactly what I want (and in the past I have) but on the other hand I can pay someone what turns out to be a small fee and they will solve all my problems *the right way*. One final note: the purchase cost is very worth it to me which is saying a lot since the last non-OEM software I purchased was Civilization II back in 1996.


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