Walk Score

This is somewhat off topic, but I felt it was a good example of a technology mashup that serves those of us who would like to drive less. Of course it is most helpful to those of us who have a chance to choose a place to live based on how walkable that place is.

Walk Score is a hybrid google business map that tabulates the general distance to a wide range of typical business types.

The walk score then rates how reasonable it is to live car-lite, or survive and walk everywhere. My first three data points actually reflect their rankings very well. My childhood home gets a 57 or “some walkable locations.” I found it easy to bike around in the years before I had a driver’s license, but I wouldn’t want to live there without a car as an adult. My current house gets a 38: “not walkable.” I find this generally true from the perspective of errands. However, our proximity to the park easily offsets the requirement of driving to the grocery store. A lot of places are an easy bike-ride: the farmer’s market, downtown, brightleaf square, American Tobacco Campus, Duke East campus, and 9th street (to name a few). Fortunately Durham is gaining ground in the bike-friendly world.

Finally, our new house, in Forest Grove, gets a 74: “Very walkable.” Woohoo! Of course we knew this about the house; it was part of what we liked best. And it certainly validates the algorithm that walkscore uses.


One thought on “Walk Score

  1. Yes, walk score is real a good idea! But why only walk score?
    How often do we walk nowadays? More and more people drive cars.I have also tried one more service at
    http://drivescore.fizber.com/. It is called Drive Score.
    With the help of it you can see how close establishments
    are by car. It’s really a perfect idea!


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