Trapped like atoms

Magneto Optical Trap

~50 million Rubidium atoms confined in a cloud 5 mm across. These atoms are only several millionths of a degree above absolute zero.

The photonics and quantum optics lab took a detour away from atom trapping last summer and investigated some phenomena in warm atomic vapor for a change (will be covered in a future post). That means it has been about a year since we last had a working atom trap, so the time has come to trap atoms again… and trap we did. Here is a picture of roughly 50 million rubidium atoms confined to a region of space ~5 mm in diameter. They glow a dim red as they scatter light at 780 nm. The camera is more sensitive than our eyes so it appears bright in the image. The most remarkable feature of these atoms is that they are traveling at a speed of only a few centimeters per second. Compare this to the room-temperature atom speeds of several hundred meters-per-second and the power of an atom trap is obvious. These atoms are so cold, they almost stop moving. The temperature (a measure of average kinetic energy) is measured in microKelvin… millionths of a degree above absolute zero. Cool stuff!


One thought on “Trapped like atoms

  1. Dr. Dawes, I’m so glad you found me! Is it unkind to announce here that I used to babysit you? LOL 😉
    Fantastic blog. 🙂 Hugs from Idaho!


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