IPython notebooks for a Quantum Mechanics course

I have finally published the IPython notebooks that I have worked up for our Quantum Mechanics course. This is a one-semester course for juniors and seniors. We use the book Quantum Mechanics: Theory and Experiment by Mark Beck. This is relevant because some of the notebooks refer to in-text examples and chapter problems. I use these notebooks during our weekly lab time for those students that are not working on the entangled-photon experimental apparatus for that week. We rotate through the experiment in groups of four. The students are responsible for the material in the notebooks, and have taken to using the notebook tools on their homework as well.

Chapter-specific notebooks and the lab activities are available on github. I have also created a web page that links to viewable (and downloadable) versions of the notebooks so you can see them before you install IPython or any other prerequisites. Please contact me with any questions. I continue to use these in my course and am happy to support them for others who are interested in using them.

The notebooks make heavy use of the QuTip package for python, a very useful set of functions and objects for quantum calculations and simulations.


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