Dr. Dawes

Andrew M. C. Dawes

Andrew M. C. Dawes

Andrew M. C. Dawes
Assistant Professor of Physics
Pacific University
Forest Grove, Oregon

Office: Price 107
Phone: 503-352-3171
Lab: 503-352-2232
Fax: 503-352-2933
email: dawes(a)pacificu.edu (a)=@

I am an Associate Professor of Physics at Pacific University in Forest Grove Oregon. As a professor, I am committed to the idea that active learning environments and innovative teaching pedagogy are fundamental to effective science education. In addition to my teaching efforts, I operate a research lab that involves undergraduate students in summer and senior-capstone research projects. I am generally interested in several fields of physics including: atom cooling and trapping, pattern-forming nonlinear optics, slow- and fast-light, and the application of optical systems to quantum and classical information science. This blog will serve as an outlet for recent news in physics education research, commentary on my own experiences, and as a gathering place for other physicists and teachers.

More about me

I received my Ph.D. in 2008 from Duke University. My dissertation is on pattern-forming nonlinear optics, and I have also worked on projects studying slow-light in optical fiber and the application of such systems to quantum and classical information science.

More information about my current projects can be found at my Photonics and Quantum Optics Lab webpage.


I have offered my expertise in several arenas as an independent consultant. Most recently, I helped design several interactive demonstrations that are currently on display at the Palouse Discovery Science Center in Pullman Washington. I am also a journal editor with American Journal Experts, a firm that provides paper editing for authors, publishers, and researchers in a wide range of fields from around the world.