My research interests are generally related to the exploration of the interaction between light and matter. Typically the light in my lab comes from a laser although not in every case. For matter, I use atomic vapors containing alkali atoms (usually Rubidium) because these atoms behave a lot like a simple hydrogen atom. Recently, I have also become interested in exploring the optical properties of nanomaterials and metamaterials.

Why do I do nonlinear and quantum optics research?

Optics provides a wide range of experiments that can be conducted on a tabletop with modest equipment needs. Nonlinear optics is the study of strong interactions between light and matter. Many of these interactions form the basis for technologies that we use every day. Fiber optical lines carry broadband data across the country at nearly 500 million miles per hour. DVD players have advanced to the point where they are capable of storing hours of high- definition video. Both of these technologies are based on research in optical physics and nonlinear optics.

Quantum optics is currently laying the foundation for future means of communication and computation. Of the many phenomena that exhibit quantum behavior, quantum optics shows promise for many practical applications. Quantum-mechanical entanglement and teleportation have been demonstrated using quantum optical systems, and ongoing research continues to generate results that stretch our imagination and understanding.

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